Public Administration and Management (DPAM)

With the rapid expansion of the private and public sector in Uganda (especially with the recent increase in local governments, central government department and non-governmental organizations), there is a need for well qualified administrators and corporate secretaries. These cadres need to be equipped with both theories and practical skills to enable them undertake their roles and responsibilities in higher competitive working environment. The Diploma in Public Administration and Management (DPAM) has been designed to train specialized cadre of man power with up-to-date practical skills and knowledge in Public Administration and Management to meet with the growing demands of both the public and private sector, including the non-governmental organizations.

Programme Objective
The Diploma in public administration and management aims to produce graduates who will:
(a) Be critical and creative administrators who:
Produce innovative solutions to problems.
Apply research skills to public and social administrative challenges.
Communicate effectively and perceptively.
(b) Be responsible and effective global citizens who:
Have a comprehensive understanding of the role of public administration in developing
sustainable competitive advantage especially in executing strategies and facilitating the process of change/ organizational transformation in the global context. Are equipped top and middle level managers with the required administrative and managerial
Can apply in-depth knowledge of effective public administrative concepts, methods and
techniques and participate in decision making.
have skills to effectively implement all administrative functions in organizational management and demonstrate ethical values.
(c) Have a comprehensive understanding of public administration discipline and are able to provide administrative discipline based solutions relevant to the profession and public policy in communities we serve.
(d) Serve as administrators in the executive arm of local, state, and federal government.

1 General regulations governing academic programmes of TU shall apply.
2 In addition, the special regulations governing higher degrees shall govern the programme.
3 The programme shall be by coursework.

This programme targets:
Civil servants, top, middle level and line managers in public sector but also those in private and NGO

Either UCE with 5 passes and UACE with 1 principal pass and 2 subsidiary passes or
Certificate from a recognised institution.

The programme shall be two academic year lasting for tour (4) semesters.
a) Each Course will be assessed on the basis of 100 total marks with proportions as follows:
Coursework -40
b) A minimum of two course assignments/tests shall be required per course.
c) Course work shall consist of tests, group assignments and presentations in each semes

Pass mark
1) The range of final average marks which shall be used to determine the bachelor’s degree progress at
the end of each semester will be a grade of 2.0 on all courses examined.
2) A candidate is deemed to have passed the semester if the candidate obtains at least 50% of the marks
in each course individually.
3) The range of marks on the academic transcript for the individual courses shall be as follows;