Diploma in Accounting and Finance (DAF)


Accounting and finance is the life blood of any business. It is the area that facilitates all other business activities. Such activities include payment of salaries, purchase of materials, purchase of equipment and other capital expenditures. It is very important that an organization employs staff with appropriate accounting and Finance skills, in order to make the right entries for every transaction, post them to ledgers, prepare final statements of accounts, and make interpretations of these reports to management. The course also addresses finance related issues such as investment decisions, finance decisions, working capital management, and ability to test the financial health of a Business.

Programme Objective

– The Programme will develop the competency required to mobilize Prepare, and interpret books of accounts.

– The program aims at equipping learners with skills of the Financial management and Business finance, that address the finance requirements of the organization

Target Group

Anyone who wishes to become Business professional or non graduates already employed in business and wishes to have a formal qualification in the discipline.

General Regulations

– General regulations governing academic programmes of TU shall apply

– In addition, the special regulations governing higher degrees shall govern the programme

– The programme shall be by coursework.


Either UCE with 5 passes and UACE with 1 principal pass and 2 subsidiary passes or certificate from a recognized institution.


The programme shall be two academic year lasting for tour (4) semesters.


Each Course will be assessed on the basis of 100 total marks with proportions as follows:

Coursework: 30
Examination: 70


A minimum of two course assignments/tests shall be required per course.

Course work shall consist of tests, group assignments and presentations in each semester.

Pass mark

1) The range of final average marks which shall be used to determine the bachelor’s degree progress at the end of each semester will be a grade of 2.0 on all courses examined.

2) A candidate is deemed to have passed the semester if the candidate obtains at least 50% of the marks in each course individually.

3) The range of marks on the academic transcript for the individual courses shall be as follows;


Year I Semester I

DBA111 Business Administration

DFA111 Financial Accounting I

DBA112 Business Economics

DIT111 Information Technology

DBA113 Principles of Management

Semester II

DIT114 Computer & Micro Computer Applications

DBA122 Communications Skills

DAF121 Quantitative Methods

DAF122 Business Finance

DBA123 Ethics in Management

Year II Semester I

DAF211 Taxation

DBA214 Customer Care

DBA212 Business Law

DBA213 Research Methods

DAF214I intermediate Accounting

Semester II

DAF221 Advanced Accounting

DAF222 Audit theory

DAF223 Cost accounting

DBA214 Entrepreneurship

DIT222 E-Commerce

DBA226 Project Report