Bachelors of Accounting & Finance


There is a public out cry of Accounting officers, mainly in Public Institutions, failing to be accountable for their finance and accounting decisions. This has greatly affected the economic growth of Uganda, its image and overall planning. This program therefore will go along way to produce accountable leaders in both all private and public sector.

The Major purpose of almost all entities is to make a profit. A profit cannot be achieved if Business Managers are lacking the skills to manage finances and other resources. This program therefore is aimed at creating a labour force that can effectively manage resources, at a profit.

Team University is training Professional Accountants this program offers an inlet to this market.

Target group

– Students awarded a 2 years diploma for a recognized Institute in Accounting.
– Part completion of a professional course. i.e. ACCA, CPA.
– Diploma holders, in any other discipline with 5 years experience in relevant discipline.

Objectives of the Program

– To equip learners with skills that will enable them manage both private and public resources, so that Institutions can realize profits and survive.

– To equip learners with knowledge skills that would improve their accountability for funds and other resources.

Admission requirements.

– Diploma from recognized Institute

– A Level Certificate with at least two principle passes in any subject, with atleast 5 passes at O’ Level including Maths and English.

Total credit unit (CU) year 1 = 40

Total credit unit (CU) year 2 = 40

Total credit unit (CU) year 3 = 40

Overall Total credits 120