Quality assurance

Team University is a thriving and attractive teaching institution, empowering for generations with a reputation for excellence in education in East Africa region and beyond. Because of progressive track record, we are confident of our prime importance to this role and to pursue excellence in teaching and learning. In so doing, we believe that Team University must achieve the following Quality Assurance Pillars;
 Provide academically rigorous, coherent but flexible courses, capable of stretching the abilities of the most intellectually able students;
 Attract staff and students of the highest intellectual calibre, providing services to students from an increasingly broad range of backgrounds, and meeting the challenges posed by the growing diversity of pre-university education in the 21st Century;
 Provide an atmosphere in which students can develop personally as well as academically, by offering them the opportunity to acquire a broad range of skills and to benefit from social interaction with academic staff and fellow students;
 Support students in both their academic and personal life by providing effective measures for monitoring and for pastoral care;
 Provide students and their future employers with an accurate reflection of their capabilities and attainments through the use of fair and comprehensive methods of assessment.
 Create an environment for teaching and learning which makes best use of the talents and abilities of staff and students within the resources available – in particular by ensuring effective planning and coordination, by reducing pressures on academic and other teaching staff, by identifying and adopting the most effective methods for teaching and learning and by providing adequate infrastructure and support;
 Foster a learning environment in which teaching is highly valued and in which pedagogic issues, such as the development of teaching and assessment methods, are the subject of regular, well-informed debate;
 Monitor, maintain and strive to raise the standards of Team University’s teaching provision, in order to ensure that its students are consistently offered the highest quality of education.