Message from the Vice Chancellor

Professor A. J. Lutalo-Bosa (Ph.D Mc Gill)

ProfessorTeam University (TU), though a young University licensed by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in October 2015 has some history. It started as Team business Collage (TBC) in the year 2000 training students for the award of Certificates and Diplomas. In 2010 it was granted permission by NCHE to change status, to a private ‘Other Degree Awarding Institution’ (ODAI) under the name Team Institute of Business Management (TIBM) mandated to confer its own degrees (Bachelors, masters and Ph.D). It was the first private ODAI in Uganda. Its evolution to the status of university, therefore, provides affirm foundation on which to stand as Specialist University in the area of business and management. This is what TU is and it provides education of unquestionable quality.

The fore runner institutions during the time of their existence worked closely with the Government Ministry of local government to provide professional training in audit and also prepared candidates for professional examinations and qualified such as CPA and CIPS

TU is planned to produce the greatly needed well –trained managers and other personnel with skilled business acumen. This is achieved by the way the well- designed accredited programs are delivered. Students are required to exercise their mind through the process of identifying challenges and also take advantages of the opportunities in order to be innovative. Practicum and internship is part and parcel of the training.

Flexible learning is a well-grounded approach in education today and TU embraces this by instituting day, evening and weekend programs so that the individual learner freely choose the convenient time of study.

The present world grapples with unemployment and poverty and it is only the individual that is empowered with knowledge, skills and experience that will weather these challenges. TU empowers its students with skills, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurial acumen to ultimately turn them into surviving fittest.

The objective of TU is to ensure that its graduates learn how to use their power to change the world. You are most welcome.