Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management (PDGPAM)



General School Regulations.

The general regulations and Rules of TEAM University shall govern studies and examinations for the Post Graduate Diploma Programmes.

Admission requirements

Admission into the post graduate programmes requires a candidate to possess/must have a
good university degree or its equivalent from recognized institution or university plus Two years experience.

Programme duration.

The Post graduate diploma Programme shall normally extend over a period of one year not
exceeding a maximum of two years.

Course Credits

Instructions shall be by courses quantified into course credit units
a) A credit Unit is granted for a series of fifteen contact hours at one contact one per week per semester.
b) A contact hour is calculated as being equivalent to:
– one lecture hour/tutorial hour
– Two hours of supervised practical work
– four hours of field attachment
c) No course shall carry less than one credit unit nor Exceed 5 units with a maximum of 25 credit units a semester.1.5. Assessment of the course units in the Semester.
Except where stated, each course shall be assessed to the basis of 100 total marks with
proportions as follows;
– course work/continuous assessment 40%
– Final examination 60%
Total marks 100%
These marks will be converted into grade points.
– Coursework shall consist of progressive assessment derived from at least one assignment
and or tests and laboratory work.
– There shall be a final examination at the end of each SEMESTER.