International Students

  1. Applicants whose final school grades are in percentages and average points system e.g Rwanda, DRC, Burundi, Zambia and others must have their grades first equated by Uganda Nation Examination Board (UNEB) before admission.
  2. Kenyan students who hold the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KSCE) must have a minimum grade of C+
  3. Access examination: This is an all around examination prepared for those students from counties where O-level is not offered but would wish to enroll for a degree at TU.
  1. Any person holding a relevant Diploma from a recognized institution may be exempted 1 year of study on a Bachelors Degree Program.
  2. After Completion of the Post Graduate Diploma with a good grade, graduates may have the opportunity to enroll for masters in the relevant disciplines by research and some core courses for one year.