(i) Holders of relevant Post Graduate Diploma are admitted in Masters year two (2) academic Programme and awarded the relevant Credit transfers.

(ii) Holders of relevant diploma are admitted in Bachelors year two (2) academic Programme and awarded the relevant credit transfers.

(iii) Higher Education Certificate has the curriculum as the foundation Course for international Students and a bridging qualification to study the Bachelors or Diploma at Team University.

 Entry Requirements

  • Masters/ Post Graduate Programs

Bachelors degree from a recognized University

  • Bachelors Programs (i) A Level holders (2 principal passes and subsidiary.

(ii) The Kenyan Student applicants with atleast C+ Secondary qualification, will have a direct entry and undertake the degree programme for four (4) years.

(iii) Advanced Level equivalent qualification

(iv) International Students with no A level will undertake a bridging programme (Higher Education Certificate) and is also undertaken by Kenyan student applicants with atleast a D Grade.

  • Diplomas Programs

(i) ‘A’ Level Holders with atleast a principal pass and a subsidiary.

(ii) Bridging programme Certificate (HEC)

  • Higher Education Certificate

(i) A subsidiary Pass in a principal subject at ‘A’ Level

(ii) International students with no ‘A’ Level should have an equivalent Qualification

Flexible Learning

  1. Weekend Schedule

The classes are conducted at Team University Campus over the weekend and this enables learners who are engaged from Monday to Friday’s to undertake studies.

  1. Day and Evening (D/E) Schedule

Scheduling of Learning is from Monday to Friday inclusive and at Team University Campus.

  1. Distance Learning Schedule

Distance Learning takes three (3) models of Learning notably;

(i) Face to face at Team university campus. Learners are oriented to the study curriculum, given study

Packs and time for scheduling for self-study and Examination.

(ii) Blended online study. Students admitted are given online orientation, study online are given study packs and do supervised examinations (according to the University regulations)

(iii) Self Study. This involves online student orientation, study packs and supervised examinations.

  1. Holiday – Schedule / In-service Program

This is available Marjory for Teachers who undertake the academic programmes over the holiday/in-service.The study will undertake programmes as in;

  • Bachelor of Education – Primary (BEP)
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Care and Education (BECCE)
  • Diploma in Education – Primary (DEP)
  • Diploma in Early Childhood, Care and Education (DECCE)
  • Certificate in Early Childhood, Care and Education (CECCE)