Directorate of Graduate studies & Research

Welcome Remark
Pursuing graduate studies means so many different things to different people. For some, it is a chance to make a novel discovery, or to pursue a passion. For others, it is an opportunity to develop career potential, or to follow a path toward improving the world we live in.
Being mindful about this diversity of interests, the School of Graduate Studies & Research (SGSR) at Team University (TU) developed various programmes to suite our prospective clients. The SGSR supports excellence in graduate education and holds as its core mission the responsibility of supporting graduate students through the entirety of their academic journeys.
The School of Graduate Studies and Research was established to enable the University achieve a higher degree of emphasis and coordination in its graduate training and research. At the SGSR, we aim to provide support, encouragement, and clarity during all stages of the graduate experience. The SGSR is committed to continuously improving all aspects of the graduate student experience, as well as delivering high-quality support services and resources.
If you do not find what you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us, or drop by the SGSR Administrators office with your complaints.

Director, School of Graduate Studies & Research

Mission of the School of Graduate Studies & Research
In line with TU mission of providing transformative education experience, the mission of the School of Graduate Studies & Research is to promote excellence in graduate education and research, to ensure consistency and high standards of what we offer to our clients.
The School of Graduate Studies achieves its mission by:
• Working collaboratively to advance excellence and innovation in graduate research and education.
• Fostering an outstanding graduate experience for our diverse student population.
• Advancing integrity and ethical conduct in graduate research and education.
• Establishing policy and promoting best practices for graduate research and education.
The role of the SGSR
The functions of the School of Graduate Studies and Research include;
 To coordinate graduate programmes of the university including planning, administration and admissions.
 To regulate and enhance the quality of postgraduate studies and research in the university. This will include educational exchange and contact within Uganda and globally.
 To promote publication culture of graduate research output.
 To monitor and evaluate the progress of all activities in the school.
 To publicize the postgraduate activities of the university with a view to attracting enrolment and financial support from governmental, industrial and other bodies for the extension of these activities.
Thinking Forward to a Better World
Graduate education at TU opens unparalleled professional and personal opportunities to kickstart your future at managerial levels in private and public sector organizations. Graduate studies at TU will propel you to be at the forefront of innovation in order to solve emerging real-life problems in the changing the world.
The School of Graduate Studies offers the breadth and depth of academic excellence, collaborative culture, and global vantage point to address the complex issues of our time. At TU you will collaborate side by side with the best to significantly contribute to new knowledge through research that makes a real impact on our society.
Graduate studies at TU
Graduate studies at TU comprise of Postgraduate Diploma and Masters Degree programmes in fields of Business, Public and Educational management. Graduate studies at TU to aim to develop mastery in skills and subject matter specialization in the disciplines of choice. Standard duration for Postgraduate studies is one [1] for Diplomas, range between one [1] to two [2] years for Masters degrees.

In order to cater for clients from varied socio-economic backgrounds, TU has flexible learning sessions for graduate studies including physical classes on weekends and everyday on week days for students on in-service programmes in some disciplines. As a way of adapting to uncertainties like the COVID-19 pandemic the SGSR introduced Online Distance & E-Learning (ODEL) for students unable to attend physical classes.

Study Programmes
The following are the programmes offered by TU at postgraduate level.
Postgraduate Diploma Programs
• Postgraduate Diploma in Finance.
• Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management.
• Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.
• Post Graduate Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management.
• Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
• Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Planning & Management
• Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning & Management.
Master’s Degree Programs
• Masters of Science in Finance.
• Masters of Science in Human Resource Management.
• Masters of Science in Procurement and logistics Management.
• Masters of Business Administration
• Masters in Public Administration and Management
• Master of Educational Planning & Management