TU Flexible Payment System Team University, as a region-based University, considers earnings from all walks of life and thus accommodates both the rich and the poor. As a result, TU has a flexible fee payment system that allows students to pay a portion of their fees up front and the remainder in installments according to the agreed-upon structures.
The University operates a cashless payment system and thus,has implemented ICT to assist it in collecting all fees through the varsity system. As a result, students can pay their fees from anywhere in the world and then, access their student online accounts to determine both their financial and academic information.

We provide financial assistance to deserving applicants who are struggling financially. Students at Team University earn scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid every year. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive education programs that are accessible to residents of East Africa and beyond. We work closely with prospective students and their families to identify the most advantageous financial aid package for them based on an assessment of their financial situation through our bursaries and other financial aid.