Post Graduate Diploma in Finance

Justification of the Programme

The post graduate Diploma in Finance (PGDF) is intended to equip managers and other
executives with the responsibility of handling finances with a wide range of technical skills necessary to understand and participate in the modern business world. The social-economic transformation initiatives within the region, instills the desire to have managers in both the private sector and public sector develop financial skills and the associated attributes in providing accurate , timely and analyzed financial data.

The PGDF course has been designed to address the practical managerial needs in treasury functions, fund management, investment portfolio management and other finance related advisory services, and fills the gaps that are critical for an efficient and effective financial manager.

Objectives of the Programme

The programme has the following objectives:

  1. To equip the learners with the knowledge in a range of financial fields including,
    corporate finance and investment management;
  2. To equip the learners with the Skills in utilizing financial modelling to solve complex financial decisions;
  3. To provide skills necessary in Critical thinking in the field of modern finance theory, aware of the way in which theory contributes to sound financial decision making in practice;
  4. To equip learners with the Financial problem solving skills necessary to resolve valuation issues in the presence of limited information sets;

For learners to be proficient at communicating financial ideas in a clear and concise manner

Expected Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Postgraduate Diploma in Finance, students will:

  1. Have enhanced career prospects for a wide variety of careers in the Financial Services Sector.
  2. They will have the skill sets to enter the industry in different roles either working with financial institutions or in a finance role within an organization.
  3. Graduates of this course will have the opportunity for further study at Masters Level by research only.
  4. Analyze different investment options and come up with the best choice.


Target Group.

The target group is a range of persons involved in finance related functions and those that
intended to have career finance in disciplines. They include Bankers, fund managers, treasury managers, investment Advisors, executives in public and private sector and Accounting Officers.

Admission Requirements:

a) A degree from a recognized university in any discipline.
b) Holders of professional Qualifications such as, ACCA, CPA (U), CIMA, ICSA.

Course Duration:

The Postgraduate Diploma in Finance is conducted in 9 months and spread over the two