Bachelor of Social Works & Social Administration (BSWASA)

Justification of the Programme

Social work is a professional and academic discipline that seeks to improve the quality of life and well being of an individual, group, or community by intervening through research, policy, crisis intervention, community organizing, direct practice, and teaching on behalf of those afflicted with poverty or any real or perceived social injustices and violations of their civil liberties and human rights. There is therefore need for well qualified social workers and social administrators. These cadres need to be equipped with both theories and practical skills to enable them undertake their roles and responsibilities in higher competitive social working environment. The Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration (BSWASA) has been designed to train specialized cadre of man power with up-to- date practical skills and knowledge in social work and social Administration to meet with the growing demands of the community, including the non-governmental organizations.

General Objectives of the Programme

In the world today the, the quality of life and well-being of an individual, group, or community at large is changing rapidly and requires individuals with specific Social Work and Social Administration who are development oriented and thoroughly grounded in skills and theories of social work practice, relevant to local and international standards. Knowledge and skills to deal with the human development, social policy, public administration, psychotherapy, counseling, program evaluation, and international and community development. The BSWSA has been designed with this in mind and the graduate of the programme will have broad knowledge and skills in gerontology, children and their families, mental health, social service administration, social justice and diversity. Taken together, these subjects will teach you
about social policy development and practice, professional social service design, delivery, and systems change in the country and the East African Region at large.
A degree in Social Work and Social Administration will prepare you to become a professional social worker work in a wide variety of careers in the public sector, non-profit organizations and private sector employment. In the global world, the national, provincial and central government sphere, corporate world social work agencies, government departments and the wider community as a whole. In the global, needs employees who can promote the continuous development of social work practice re-focusing of children’s services, youth justice, user participation and in the field of community care, studies concerning disability, mental health, drugs and alcohol misuse. The BSWSA programme will open such careers to its graduate as its overall objective is to produce skilled manpower in social work and social administration that are competent in professional social service delivery and the industrial sector.Activities in social work agencies, Employee assistance programs, Schools Family service agencies Psychiatric hospitals government departments and the wider community as a whole need Administrators, Clinical social works, Social work supervisors, counselors, advocates, policy analysts, activists, educators, facilitators, mediators, organizers and researchers. Social
workers are committed to working for social justice, therefore, the objective of BSWASA to produce people with such competencies.

Specific objectives

The Bachelor of Social work and social Administration aims to produce graduates who will:
(a) be critical and creative administrators who:
produce innovative solutions to problems
communicate effectively and perceptively
(b) be responsible and effective global citizens who:
Have a comprehensive understanding of the role of social work and social administration in developing sustainable competitive advantage especially in executing strategies and facilitating the process of change/ organizational transformation in the global context.
Are equipped top and middle level managers with the required administrative and managerial skills.
have skills to effectively implement all administrative functions in social work and demonstrate ethical values.
(c) have a comprehensive understanding of social work discipline and are able to provide administrative discipline based solutions relevant to the profession and social policy in communities we serve.
(d) Graduates of this programme will have the opportunity for further study at Masters level by research only.
By the end of the programme learners should be able to:
a) Apply skills and knowledge of social work and social administration to enhance competitiveness of organizations
b) Apply in-depth knowledge of effective social administrative concepts, methods and techniques and participate in decision making and manage social cases.
c) Apply research skills to social work and administrative challenges) Apply entrepreneurship and innovations skills in creating jobs for self and others.
e) Apply the attained skills to promote social justice and social change with and on behalf of clients. (individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities)

Target group

The Programme targets the persons processing:
A-Level certificates
Diploma and degree holders in any discipline

Duration of the programme

The duration of the programme will be three academic years for direct entry, consisting of six semesters.
Each semester lasts seventeen (17) weeks two of which are for examinations. Candidates with relevant
diplomas of their equivalents may be exempted from year 1, thus may take two academic years consisting of four semesters.
Year One Semester One
BSM113 Management Theory and Practice

SWA111 Introduction to Social work & Administration

SWA112 Introduction to Contemporary Social Problems

BSM 114 Economic Theory.

BSM 114 Legal Framework of Organisations

Year One Semester Two

BAF122 Management Information Systems

SWA121 Introduction to Political Science

SWA122 Introduction to Sociology perspectives theories

BSM122 Communication and Public Relations

SWA124 Project Planning Management

SWA 123 Field Work Placement 1

Year Two Semester One

SWA211 Financial Management

SWA121 NGOs in the developing WorldS

SWA212 Social Work Theories and Practice

SWA213 Development Psychology Human Resource Management

Year Two Semester Two

SWA221 Principles and Practices of Counseling

SWA222 Social Policy and Analysis

SWA223Administrative Law

SWA224 Disaster Management

BSM224 Research Methods

Field work placement 11

Year Three Semester One

BSM311 Strategic Management

SWA311 Social work Values and Ethics

SWA312 Gender and Development

SWA313Electives( Choose any Two)

PAM314 Social Service Provision in Uganda

SWA315 Leadership & Management

Developmental Social Work

Year Three Semester Two

SWA321 Project Report

SWA322 Social Planning

SWA323 Social Work in Families and Children Services

SWA324 Elective ( Choose any Two)

SWA325 Social Security and Social Protection Systems

SWA 326Community Based Rehabilitation for PWDS

Sexuality and Social Work Practices